A fusion of flavors and experience.

Monaco Encino

A new European fusion restaurant open for fine dining and late-night cocktails. Drawing inspiration from the coastal classics of Italy, Greece, France, Spain, and Israel to create a menu of contemporary dishes and daring drinks.

Our Story

About Monaco Encino

The restaurant allows you to time travel while merely staying in one place. Our menu maps out to many various places such as Italy, Greece, France, Spain and Israel. These eateries are recognized for colorful colors and foods that are not only excellent but will keep you going back for more.

Monaco Restaurant is a love letter of admiration of the French Riviera. Our restaurant is all about family and friends. Family is important. We believe that family is an essential part of life, which is why we strive to create a second home for our guests where they can create unforgettable memories.

Our food philosophy at

Monaco Restaurant

From the beginning, we’ve been serving gourmet appetizers, and cocktails using only high-quality ingredients. Our delicious menu is made up of the combined experiences we’ve had from across the world, and we’d love to share it with you. We’re new. We’re bold. And we’re bringing you fusion, unlike anything you’ve had before.
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